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To outsource or not to outsource?

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For residential aged care providers the decision on whether to outsource physiotherapy services or retain in-house depends on a range of factors. We have listed some considerations below:

Cost – Outsourcing physiotherapy services may have financial implications. Evaluate the costs associated with hiring an in-house physiotherapist versus outsourcing the services. Consider factors such as salaries and peripheral costs, benefits, training, equipment, and administrative overhead. Outsourcing may provide cost advantages, as you can potentially negotiate competitive rates with external service providers.

Expertise and Specialisation – Physiotherapy requires specialised knowledge and skills. If your aged care home requires a wide range of specialised physiotherapy services, outsourcing may provide access to a diverse team of experienced professionals who can cater to various conditions and requirements.

Flexibility and Availability – Consider the availability and flexibility of physiotherapy services. If you have a small number of residents or require intermittent services, outsourcing may offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling and ensuring access to physiotherapy expertise when needed. In-house physiotherapists may provide more immediate and consistent availability but may face challenges during absences or holiday periods. On the other hand, aged care providers with large number of residents will benefit from a total outsourced solution due to the skills level on offer and continuum of service during periods of disruption such as illness or longer term absences such as annual leave.

Quality of Care – Evaluate the quality of care provided by outsourced physiotherapy services. Seek recommendations and feedback from other aged care organisations that have outsourced their physiotherapy services. Ensure that the outsourced providers adhere to best practices and have a consumer-centric approach.

Communication and Integration – Consider the communication and integration between outsourced physiotherapy services and other healthcare professionals in your facility. Ensure there are clear lines of communication, collaboration, and coordination between the outsourced physiotherapists and the rest of the care team. Effective communication is crucial for holistic care and optimal outcomes for residents.

Compliance – Verify that any external physiotherapy service providers you consider outsourcing to meet the necessary regulatory requirements and maintain appropriate certifications of their physiotherapists. Compliance with regulations ensures the safety and quality of care provided.

Resident Satisfaction – Consider the impact on resident satisfaction. Assess whether outsourcing physiotherapy services would lead to positive resident experiences and improved outcomes. Seek feedback from residents, their families, and staff regarding their preferences and experiences related to physiotherapy services.

It is essential to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of outsourcing versus in-house physiotherapy services based on the unique needs, resources, and goals of your residential aged care facility.

Physiotherapists Aged Care (Pcare) has the expertise and sector experience to assist residential aged care providers meet the needs and goals of residents and their families.

Pcare is regarded as a trusted advisor, is well versed with the AN-ACC classification and assessment process and is also renowned for the support it provides their aged care partners in meeting and exceeding The Aged Care Quality Standards. For a confidential discussion on an outsourcing solution, please contact our General Manager, Peter Phillips, via email at peter.phillips@pcare.com.au or on 1300 850 810.