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To outsource or not to outsource?

For residential aged care providers the decision on whether to outsource physiotherapy services or retain in-house depends on a range of factors. We have listed some considerations below: Cost – Outsourcing physiotherapy services may have financial implications. Evaluate the costs associated with hiring an in-house physiotherapist versus outsourcing the services. Consider factors such as salaries…
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Introduction of AN-ACC

In October 2022 we saw the introduction of the new AN-ACC funding model, which was implemented across all aged care facilities nation-wide. With this new model, we saw the constraints on Physiotherapy interventions lifted, allowing Pcare to expand its scope of practice across the board. Previously, Physiotherapy interventions were limited to primarily therapeutic massages and…
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Resident Falls Management & Prevention

PCare Physiotherapists work collaboratively with Residents, their family/caregivers, and staff to prevent falls and minimise potential injuries. Physiotherapy one-on-one exercises and/or Group Exercise interventions are a key evidence-based falls prevention strategy. During COVID-19 restrictions and isolation periods, physiotherapists saw first-hand the negative impact on Residents’ physical activity further increasing their risk of falls. Routinely and…
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